Non-Sworn Support

Step 1 Entrance Exam & Application

Individuals applying for a non-sworn support position must pass an Entrance Exam as well as a Computer Skills Exam. Once a passing score of 75% or greater is achieved on the Entrance Exam, applicants must submit a Computer Skills certificate with a passing score of 35 words per minute (wpm) or greater.

Communications Officer|Forensic Scientist|Criminal Analyst


Criminal Information Specialist|Fingerprint Technician


Criminal Information Specialist Study Guide

Fingerprint Technician Study Guide

To apply for the non-sworn, support positions listed above, visit the Office of the State Examiner’s “Competitive and Promotional Applications” webpage to download and complete a Competitive Application. Applicants may take the exam at any location within the state; please note that applications may vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, and applicants should verify that they have the correct application for the jurisdiction they’re taking the exam in.

Applicants taking an exam in a jurisdiction other than Baton Rouge must complete two applications. The first application should be submitted to the office administering the exam; approved applicants will be notified at least five days prior to the exam. Once the exam has been taken and the applicant has received a passing score from that jurisdiction, the second application, along with a copy of the test results, should be submitted to the Baton Rouge Municipal Fire & Police Civil Service Board at the address below:

Baton Rouge Municipal Fire & Police Civil Service Board
P.O. Box 1471
Baton Rouge, LA 70821

See upcoming OSE competitive exam opportunities and application deadlines, and download a study guide

Step 2 Entrance Exam & Application

Once an applicant’s passing Entrance Exam score has been received by BRPD, the applicant can complete an intake form at the link listed below. After completing the intake form, you may use the link in the upper right corner of the form to submit your intake form via directly to BRPD Recruiting. Applicants should then contact the Recruiting Division at or call (225) 389-3906 to confirm his or her scores have been received.

BRPD Intake Form (Employment Requirements)

Step 3 Fingerprint & Photos

Applicants will be fingerprinted and have their photo taken by a BRPD Fingerprint Technician.

Step 4 Personal History

Applicants will be issued an access code to complete an online personal history questionnaire and authorization forms for the release of background information. Each applicant must also submit three letters of recommendation, a credit report, their social security card, and a passport photo. Letters of recommendation must be typed, dated, signed, and include the author’s personal contact information (phone number, physical address, and email address); the letters may be written by anyone who personally knows the applicant, with the exception of family members. All information must be submitted to the Recruiting Division within one week following the completion of the questionnaire. Applicants unable to return this information by the deadline may apply for the next hiring process.

Step 5 Background Investigation

The background investigation portion of the application process includes multiple components, listed below. Applicants must have a valid driver’s license for this step.

Truth Verification

Applicants will be questioned about any prior criminal activity, their work ethic, and potential prejudices; all test results will be valid for six months. Applicants who fail to show up for their scheduled appointment without proper notification will be removed from the hiring process and can reapply.

Background Check

Background investigators will review each applicant’s criminal and driving history, credit history, and personal history questionnaire. Applicants’ current and former employers, neighbors, and personal references will be questioned, and applicants will participate in an in-home interview.

Board Interview

Applicants will be interviewed by a panel of police officers. The interview will include a set of standard questions asked to all applicants, as well as questions based on the applicant’s unique background and the findings of the background investigators. This step will be completed by all applicants.

Psychological Assessment

Applicants will complete psychological testing and an interview with a psychologist. This step will be completed by applicants for the police officer and communication officer positions only.

Physical & Drug/Alcohol Screen

Applicants will complete a physical and a drug/alcohol screen

Step 6 Final Selection

Final selection will be based on an applicant’s complete background, determined in Step 5 and Step 6, as well as the availability of positions. Those selected will be given a final conditional offer of employment.